Rad Trad Influencer Kennedy Hall's Wife Almost Died And Yet He Continues To Tweet The Rest Of The Day!

After the above Tweet he sent out eleven more Tweets on the same day. Just think - Kennedy Hall could have been praying Rosaries all that time instead of seeking attention on Twitter.

Again Rad Trad influencers would rather communicate with Twitter than with Heaven.


  1. Love the pic of Kennedy with the cigar. Very nice! But you're missing the best part of the story. Michael Voris tried to dump on Kennedy for being in schism after Kennedy reported that his wife nearly died. This led to massive rebellion against Church Militant on Catholic Twitter and the most epic ratio that CM has ever received. Voris has dedicated himself to the destruction of SSPX, unlike towards any other cause, which has led to Voris being blinded by SSPX Derangement Syndrome. In spite of this, SSPX continues to grow and flourish, and so does Kennedy Hall. And now you've heard the rest of the story...


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