Sensuality Of FSSP Rad Trad Laymen: Sacrament Of Marriage Is A Remedy Of Those That Are Frail

Sensual Dr. Taylor Marshall

"Sacrament of Marriage is a remedy of those that are frail." Mediation of the Marriage of Cana Fr. Villacastin SJ 1613

One reason why Priests will one day be hunted down and made to die a cruel death at the hands of FSSP Rad Trad Laymen is because these sensual Rad Trad Laymen are envious of the Celibate Clergy. Cain versus Abel.

FSSP laymen are sensual and will never separate themselves from their wife's embrace. They are weak and frail men. Many of these Sensual Rad Trad men have brothers who took the better route and became Priests - Celibate Priests.

These FSSP Rad Trads have never experience a moment in their lives when they were celibate and they never will.

These FSSP Rad Trads are professional Fornicators - right out of the pages of a Romance Novel.

All this probably explains their constant attacks on the Clergy. Listening to them you would get the impression that 90% of the clergy is Homosexual. One also gets the impression that 99% of married Rad Trads are chaste and pure of heart.

I too wonder about FSSP Rad Trad obsession of going to the gym and lifting weights day in and day out. Why are sensual FSSP Rad Trads always trying to prove their manliness/masculinity?  Most of these FSSP Rad Trad Influencers are in their late forties and yet they feel the need to show off their pecks.

To be blunt - FSSP Rad Trads Laymen always have to be around a vagina.

They are weak and frail men.