Ann Barnhardt's Meditation On The Parable Of Lost Sheep Compared To Venerable Luis de la Puente's Meditation On The Parable Of Lost Sheep.

Who influenced Ann into writing this cruel and wicked take on the parable of the Lost Sheep? 

1. Unnamed Heretical Spiritual Father

2. AI Chatbot

3. Satan

I will first post Venerable Luis de la Puente meditation on the Lost Sheep. See how it differs from what Ann vomited out on the Internet.

Ann is wicked. She is in the camp of the Forerunner to the Antichrist. Ann is using scripture to justify the killing of Priests in the near future.

Here is Venerable Luis de la Puente:

The second shall be to ponder, the immense charity of this divine Pastor, who encountering with the sheep, did not strike him with his staff, nor did not hale him along by the heels, but with great joy laid him upon his shoulders, & brought him to his flock: which is to shew us, that he treats sinners, with great love and with singular clemency, to the end to convert them, not bringing them back by force, chastisements, and blows like slaves, but of their own accord and free will, altered and renewed, by his holy grace; Neither leaves he them to go, upon their own feet; & because they cannot of themselves alone, walk one step in the way of heaven, he serves them himself instead of eyes, conferring unto them the light of faith, and of celestial wisdom: he serves them instead of feet, directing their steps, and affections for fear least they stray, and forsake the law of almighty God: he serves them for hands, assisting them in all their good works: he lays them upon his shoulders, for that he aids them with sweetness, to support the burdens of this life: and pays for them the debt of their sins, in applying unto them his satisfaction and his merits. 


O most loving Pastor, what shall I render unto thee, for so many favors, and  kindnesses, as thou hast done me? how shall I not serve thee with a right good will, and take up thy yoke, and burden upon my shoulders, since thou takes up me upon thine own? With great reason say thou, that thy yoke is sweet, and thy burden light, since so thou help me to beare the same. I therefore beare it with great alacrity, for the pure love of thee, since that bearing me, thou like dose beare the burden, which thou hast imposed upon me, Amen. 


Now for the witch Ann Barnhardt on how the Devil treats his slaves. Keep that in mind when reading this wicked meditation by her. Ann is describing what the Devil does to his slaves....

CRACK! Jesus Christ, The Good Shepherd, will break your leg if He has to.

When a shepherd would go out and search for a lost sheep that had wandered off, when he found the lost lamb, he would BREAK OR DISLOCATE ITS LEG, and then carry it back to the flock on his shoulders. This husbandry technique is called “hobbling.” We have all seen that image of Our Lord as The Good Shepherd. He wasn’t carrying the lamb because it was fun. A shepherd would be carrying the lamb because he had intentionally crippled it.

Why? Why break or dislocate the animal’s leg? First, to keep it from wandering off again. Second, in order to train it to stay with the flock. While the leg was mending, the lamb would NOT wander off and learned to stay with the fold. This was done not just to protect the straying lamb, but also to protect the rest of the flock. Sheep are very gregarious. If one is heady and heads off on some tangent, the rest of the flock might go after it instead of staying with the shepherd.


In terms of the actual breaking or dislocating of the leg, you might be thinking that a broken leg would kill an animal or be massively cruel. You would be wrong. The folks who taught me the cattle business used to herd and drive wild animals like elk and reindeer up on the tundras of Canada. One time they came across a large herd of elk and one of the animals had a fractured hind leg. The bone was totally severed and the leg was flopping completely free as the animal ran with the herd on three legs. When they came back to that herd a few weeks later, they spotted the animal, and its leg was almost fully healed. It had a slight deformity, but it was running on the broken leg. The point is that animals have a massive pain tolerance such that their perception of pain is fundamentally different than that of human pain. Additionally, they have a capacity for physical healing that humans likewise do not have. An untreated compound fracture in a human leg would kill the human. But animals are different, so the shepherding technique of breaking or dislocating the leg of a straying lamb would have been standard operating procedure.

I looked this up, and sure enough, up until just within the last century, people understood the symbolism of the Good Shepherd fairly widely, as many people were still involved in animal agriculture on roughly the same technological level as that of 2000 years ago. The Church, and thus the people understood that if God gently guides you back to the fold, but you keep persistently wandering off and being disobedient to God’s perfect Will, endangering not only yourself but the rest of the flock as well, JESUS WILL PROVERBIALLY BREAK YOUR LEG, hoist you on His shoulders and haul you back to the flock. The alternative would be to let you get eaten by the wolves, and thus entice the wolves to attack the rest of the flock.

When Jesus Christ says, “I am the Good Shepherd,” He MEANS IT. CRACK!

Finally, this also illuminates the prophecy in Numbers 9:12 that the Passover Lamb shall not have any of its bones broken:

They shall not leave any thing thereof until morning, a nor break a bone thereof, they shall observe all the ceremonies of the phase. –Numbers 9:12

This was specifically emphasized by John in his Gospel:

For these things were done, that the scripture might be fulfilled: You shall not break a bone of Him. –John 19:36

Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God (Agnus Dei), slain for the sins of the world (Qui tollis peccata mundi). He was slain without any of His bones being broken because He is the prefect Lamb, in perfect union with the Will of the Father, Who never, ever strayed, and thus His bones, in particular His legs, were not broken.

If you remember the narrative from Calvary, when Our Lord had died on the Cross, the Romans, spurred by an earthquake and the desire to get the three crucified Jews off of Golgotha before the beginning of the Passover (also prophesied in Numbers 9:12 – “They shall not leave any thing thereof until morning”), were ordered to break the legs of the three men in order to hasten death. If their legs were broken, they couldn’t hold themselves up on their crosses to breathe, and would thus asphyxiate in a matter of minutes. The two thieves had their legs broken with a cudgel by the Romans. When the Roman soldier Longinus came to Christ, he saw that Our Lord was already dead. In order to make sure that Jesus was dead, the Roman, Longinus, took a spear and stabbed Our Lord in His side, through to His Heart. This pierced the pericardial sac of water that had formed around His Heart as He went into shock and asphyxiated. Out of Our Lord’s side poured first water (Baptism) followed by Blood (The Eucharist). So, while the good thief and the bad thief both had their legs broken, Our Lord’s legs were NOT broken at the last second because He is the perfectly submissive Lamb to the Will of the Father.

Again, this symbolism would have been obvious to previous generations. It is only today that it has been lost. Beware of any clergy today who try to paint Our Lord as utterly benign, effete and passive. He is anything but. Jesus Christ will BREAK OUR LEG if that is what is required to get us safely to heaven and save us from the wolves. Priests and bishops would do very, very well to heed this example. The fact that there have been no excommunications in the wake of the pro-abort culture in government, especially now among such “c”atholics as Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Joe Biden and every member of the Kennedy clan is a testimony to the utterly piss-poor job of shepherding that today’s episcopacy is doing. UTTERLY. PISS. POOR.

For the love of God, and in the name of Christ the Good Shepherd, BREAK SOME LEGS! CRACK!

(Isn’t this image incredibly moving now that we know the full story and context?)


Ann is a witch and what she describes in the above meditation is what the devil actually does to witches that don't obey Satan. Ann probably knows this from experience.

And I would also take the above wicked meditation by Ann as some threat to harm some Faithful Roman Catholic that Ann and her ilk are targeting for vengeance.