FBI To Be Vindicated When There is A Mass Causality Incident At FSSP Latin Mass Parish During Sunday Morning Latin Mass...

Average FSSP Latin Mass site has well over 100 firearms in attendance.

Why the need to carry a gun to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

Average attendance at a typical FSSP Parish is a few hundred souls on any given Sunday,

Pews are overflowing.

Simple question - how can you train your sights on a crazed gunman in such a crowded confined setting without hitting innocent Latin Mass attendees?

Are we to expect that all those FSSP gun carrying knuckleheads are so well trained that they can hit a threat without collateral damage?

And how about those family feuds at your typical FSSP Latin Mass Parish?

One gun carrying Rad Trad just needs to take advantage during an incident to take out his rival and family - its called Crossfire Sunday.

And who says there has to be a crazed gun man to start things up during Mass?

Look - if you are already carrying guns to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass then you are unstable and most likely will be spooked by the least noise and will probably considered it a threat and pull out your piece. Any other gun packing Latin Mass goon seeing you pull out your piece will do the same and so on and so on until one of you knuckleheads pops one off. 

It's called a Crossfire Sunday.

Many will be shot and killed during this moment of insanity.

The FBI will then be vindicated and there will calls for FSSP Parishes to be permanently closed.

This is just one scenario that may happen with the RTC's