Tucho Fernández: "I bought the few copies of Mystical Passion: Spirituality and Sensuality that were available in some bookshops and destroyed them"

Tucho Fernández believes that his salacious book Pasión [Sodo]-Mística is "an inconvenient book by today's standards" - as if a sin that leads to hell would ever be "convenient". Speaking to OurSundayVisitor.com (5 February), Tucho fantasised that at the time "I bought the few copies that were available in some bookshops and destroyed them". The book was available internationally. "That's why I regret that the ultra-conservative sectors* that do not accept me have used this book and distributed it widely," he lamented. "It is totally against my will", he protested, saying that "today I would write something completely different". However, he has continued to publish his dirty fantasies, including orgasms and homosexual sins, until 2022. Assuming that his audience is stupid, he added that he had taken the pornographic material from "scientific books". Tucho has become an embarrassment for the entire Catholic Church. Francis is the last one who hasn't noticed it. * By using this extremist language, Tucho has placed himself in the opposite extremist camp. Source