to Cease Operations In April

St Michael's Media, the "non-profit" organisation behind the news website, will cease operations at the end of April. Its founder, Michael Voris, is a homosexual who resigned from his post in November for 'violating the morals clause' and asked for forgiveness, which he has not shown to others. According to his right-hand woman, Christine Niles - a divorced journalist and mother of four with a reputation for spreading gossip, particularly against the Priestly Society of St. Pius X - Voris has worked very little in recent years and no one knows what he has been doing all day. She claims to have known "nothing" about Voris's homosexual double life. It was not until November 2023 that she warned colleagues that Voris had been sending half-naked selfies directly and apparently intentionally to other men, including some of his co-workers. Other employees told (24 February) that in April 2023, dozens of half-nude selfies of Voris appeared, probably unintentionally, on ChurchMilitant's cloud storage. According to its 2022 tax filings, St Michael's Media had $4.89 million in revenue that year, allegedly from donations and subscriptions. In recent weeks, ChurchMilitant ended a libel suit with a financial settlement ($500,000) and an apology to Reverend Georges de Laire, a New Hampshire priest. had claimed that the reporting against him was based on anonymous sources, but in fact it was completely fabricated. Source