Peep Hole Detective Mike Parrott Spies On Gary And Guess What Parrott Saw?

Parrott claims he is Virtuous because he has 7 children and four businesses.

Parrott never tells you what his businesses are but one can guess.

I guessed three of his businesses:

1. Bar - he does most of his office work at the bar. During a podcast he claimed he was late because he was at his office. You could tell he was drunk when he made the call to the podcast. If I remember correctly this was on a Friday and the Stock Market took a dive so Parrott was somewhat excited. Drunk and excited. So I gather from this observation that Drunk Parrott is owner of a Bar.

2. Sex dungeon located at Institute of Christ the King St. Francis de Sales Oratory basement. Parrott claims he attends this site in St. Louis. and it so happens that there is a Sex dungeon/shop/Marital Aid store located in the basement.  It has since been closed. 

3. Private Dick. 

This is where Parott gets his bread and butter. Parrott spies on people - usually his enemies. His clients are Taylor Marshall etc.

I'm sure there is a lot of illegal activity on Parrott's part.

So I have to ask-  how did the Peep Hole Dick get the following info on Gary:

How did Parrott confirm this about Gary?

The CPAC took place Wed, Feb 19, 2025 – Sat, Feb 22, 2025

Was Parrott in the room next door to Gary? And did Parrott make a peep hole to spy on Gary?

Or maybe Parrott just placed a camera in Gary's room. And filmed Gary without Gary's permission. I think that's illegal? 

Or better yet Parrott hired a gay to proposition Gary. Isn't that prostitution? And that would make Parrott an accomplice to a crime? So Parrott gave $1000 to a gay and the gay asked Gary for a favor....Gary complied and money exchanged hands...

Why would you even want to know this about someone?

Either way Parrott has 7 children and 4 businesses so that makes it OK....