Rad Trad World Crumbles: Apostate Catholic Steve Bannon Booted!

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has been removed from his seat on the National Security Council, reversing one of the most controversial decisions of the young Trump administration. A filing on Tuesday in the Federal Register did not list Bannon as a regular attendee of NSC "principals committee" meetings, as he previously was. The change adds Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, back to the committee. Despite the move, Bannon retained his security clearance, NBC said. NBC>>>>>

Married three times:
  • Cathleen Houff Jordan (divorced)
  • Mary Piccard (1995–1997) (divorced)
  • Diane Clohesy (divorced 2009)
That means he's been divoriced 3X!

Michael Voris luvs Apostate Catholic Bannon:

A week after Stephen K. Bannon helped engineer the populist revolt that led to Donald J. Trump’s election, Buzzfeed unearthed a recording of him speaking to a Vatican conference of conservative Catholics in 2014. In his presentation, Mr. Bannon, then the head of the hard-right website Breitbart News and now Mr. Trump’s chief strategist, called on the “church militant” to fight a global war against a “new barbarity” of “Islamic fascism” and international financial elites, with 2,500 years of Western civilization at risk. While most listeners probably overlooked the term “church militant,” knowledgeable Catholics would have recognized it as a concept deeply embedded in the church’s teaching. Moreover, they would have noticed that Mr. Bannon had taken the term out of context, invoking it in a call for cultural and military conflict rather than for spiritual warfare, particularly within one’s soul, its longstanding connotation. As the Trump administration prepares to take office, the use of Church Militant theology has gone well beyond its religious meaning and has taken on a political resonance. To fully grasp what “church militant” means in this highly politicized atmosphere, it helps to examine the broader movement and the role of a traditionalist Catholic website called — to no surprise — ChurchMilitant.com. The site’s right-wing stances against globalism, immigration, social-welfare programs and abortion, as well as its depiction of an existential war against radical Islam, mesh with many of the positions espoused by Mr. Trump and his inner circle. (Mr. Bannon did not respond to questions submitted to the Trump transition office.) NYT


  1. I doubt Mr. Bannon identifies as a Traditional Catholic; it is the rad trads who have invested him with that mantle.

    He is an admirer of Hinduism and calls India's Prime Minister Modi, a Hindu nationalist and cow worshipper, "India's Reagan".

    He does not stand for the God of the Bible and the Catholic Church.

    1. how true. probably never been to mass since his first marriage.

      I don't know why some latin mass pew sitters think bannon represents them.

      Bannon is also a fan of Julius Evola & Charles Maurras & “The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy.”


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