57 Year-Old Michael Voris Exposing His Muscles In A Tight Tee Shirt......


Is that tight tee really necessary?

Who is Gary trying to impress?

The ladies? LOL

Video here

What kind of grown Catholic man needs to show off his pecks?

Don't Gay men dress like this?

I bet Gary even wore a very tight pair of shorts....

Can you imagine if Father so and so dressed like this in public RAD TRADS would be scandalized to no end....wondering if Father so and so went queer....

Maybe Gary was caught off guard and didn't know he was about to do a video.....

I smell DOOM for Gary......


  1. I like the issues Michael deals with iro a corrupt and corrupting Church.
    I think he is brave.

    About pumped up muscles...
    I have never understood the need many men (& even some women) have to steroidally expand their muscles. It seems to compensate for something perceiv'dly lacking ?
    Untampered-with, slim, lithe bodies are beautiful.

    I pray courage and wisdom to Michael and team in their dealings with the Church †

  2. He does it to get sex on the gay scene.

    1. You don't know that. Your remark is bearing false witness because you don't know. You are assuming. Let him without sin cast the first stone.

    2. Are you anti-SSPX?

      Cast the first stone? LOL! are you nuts?

  3. Gary is gay as they come; no matter how hard he tries to hide it. Although in this case it seems he's flaunting it.
    I have always found that his hair style was the biggest red flag (Or rainbow flag). He's trying to maintain a boyish look while pushing 60??


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