60 Year Old Apostate And Practicing Sodomite James Grein Does A First? First Time Testimony & First Time Demanding Multi-Million Dollar Settlement....



The only reason someone leaves the Catholic Church is because of the Sins they committed in which they refuse to confess to a Priest and refuse to repent of.

That's the only reason.

This 60 year-old Sodomite claims to be an UN-willing victim of Theodore McCarrick.

For some reason this 60 year-old Sodomite is now coming forward to claim his victim hood.

Why now?

Hush money run out?

Claims he left the church and still has not returned.


Because he likes his Sodomite lifestyle more than he loves his soul.

Look this Sodomite is and was a willing participate in Sodomy.

Now this Sodomite will demand millions from the Church.

This will never get to court.

You all fell for it.

Oh and yea....no one has ever lied under oath....


Oh and some questions for the 60 Year Old Apostate And Practicing Sodomite James Grein:

How much of the McCarrick Hush Money received over the 40 years or so did you spend on male prostitutes? gay porn? alcohol? gay orgies? gay cruises? gay boyfriends? etc...


How many underage boys did you rape over the last 40 years or so?

Fair questions that the 60 Year Old Apostate And Practicing Sodomite James Grein will never answer because that doesn't fit the narrative.


Oh and one last thing.....

Why do RAD TRADS believe LAY SODOMITES and refuse to believe any Cleric who was accused of Sodomy?

Will Heretic Ann Barnhardt ever call Apostate and Practicing Sodomite James Grein a FAGGOT?

Again LOL!


  1. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Wh4_FV9ossg/W-4Sc1sFQxI/AAAAAAABXmY/oniLhW4EDR0zpeo350qCm3FuqtFLO_tHwCLcBGAs/s400/Michael%2BVoris%2Band%2BJames.JPG

  2. You need to stop. You are committing calumny. Both of you!

    1. Terry did nothing of the sort.

      Now tell me how I commit calumny?

      And tell me again why do you and yours feel the need to ATTACK the Catholic Clergy?

      How many times does your leader Ann Barnhardt refer to Catholic Priests as FAGGOTS.


    2. Oh and....

      cal·um·ny: the making of false and defamatory statements in order to damage someone's reputation; slander.


      James Grein is not a Apostate?

      James Grein is not a Practicing Sodomite?

      Tell me how someone who REFUSES to partake of the SACRAMENTS for all of his adult life is pure good and holy?

      You mock God and believe that SACRAMENTS are not necessary to lead a good and holy life!

      60 Year Old Apostate And Practicing Sodomite James Grein is far worse than McCarrick

      What have I written above is false?


      Grein NEVER received any Hush Money from McCarrick?

      Grein is somehow able to refrain from the perverted lifestyle of Sodomites?...you know....that perverted practice of what you and Ann and all her Barnhardites accuse 90% of Catholic Priests of doing...raping little boys.

      So please tell me whats Grein little secret?

      How does a 60 Year Old Apostate and Practicing Sodomite keep pure chaste and holy?


  3. Irene - I did nothing of the sort - I simply relayed a photo of two like minded gentlemen with a similar agenda chatting with one another.

    1. How do you know they are "like-minded" with a "similar agenda"? See? You proved my earlier comment.

    2. Voris has a public blog with anti-cleric posts that any one can read.

      Please tell me the name of the Priest for Church Militant.com?

      How come the Church Militant.com Priest is not front and center?

      Church Militant.com is a mini-commonwealth, and as any good Catholic knows the Priest takes the FIRST place in a good and healthy commonwealth. In the mini-commonwealth of Church Militant.com a SODOMITE takes FIRST place - Gary is front and center, with no priest in sight.

      That's a sinister mini-commonwealth if ever there was one.

      Voris is attacking the priesthood

      Grein is attacking the priesthood

      Both Voris and Grein are SODOMITES

      Both are like minded

      Goodnight Irene....

  4. Even if you commit a mortal sin and don't repent, you still belong to the Church. If you die in that state, you'll go to hell as a (bad) catholic, member of the Church (of course the membership ends there...).
    Only by excommunion you are expelled from the Church in this earth.
    What McCarrick did was an awful thing, even if it was consensual. He was (is!!) a high member of the clergy in a position of power, he commited crimes with other members of the church (many of them seminarians under his spiritual parenthood), some of them inside sacred places (including a cathedral and seminars).
    So the Church as a whole must always pay, being money the least part of that payment...
    Why only now? Really? For decades there are accusations against McCarrick. Don't you read the news?
    The right question is how he made it for so long... Maybe many decided not to say one word about it... And many others are as guilty as him...
    Priesthood today is being attacked mostly by (bad) priests and bishops, many of them as gay and libertine as McCarrick.
    Try to be inclusive, putting in the same bag sheeps and wolfs. The result won't be good (if you care about the sheep).
    Michael Voris is not anti-cleric, he is pro-cleric-anti-clericalism. Any good catholic should be anti-clericalist, i.e., against any form of abuse of power, where advantage is taken from being a priest or a bishop to other purposes than the salvation of souls (frequently it's all about money and sex...). Yes, Voris uses a direct language. If you saw someone bullying or raping your family, would you give that person a hug with kind words, or a punch in the face so that he stops doing that?
    Please, stop the flower style talk when leading with awful crimes. We are in war times.


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