Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner Finds That Gay Pride Parades Are Child Abuse! But Julie Will Be Sure To Perpetuate Modern Democracy By Voting In Every Election She Can Find!

Wow! The claws are out! See Julie's claws here>>>>

Let's see....the US Supreme Court has Justices on it who are hand picked for the office by a man who was elected as US President in a democratically held election. 

So chances are - one or more of the Supreme Court Justices that voted for GAY MARRIAGE were put on the Court by the man you elected with your vote!

Do I got that about right? you ballot casting fool, you....

So what will you do and what will Julie do to ensure that bad laws like this don't see the light of day?

What will your plan be to eradicate the bad laws and bad customs of this land......


Yeah...nothing insane about that plan....no, nothing at at all........