Oh No Another Persecuted 'Catholic' On The Blogosphere! Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner Has Been Silenced On Twitter!! The Horrors!!

"You make me want to puke"

Oh no! someone is trying to silence Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner!

I get the impression that 'catholics' like Julie are the ones who try to get others silenced or banned or blocked. This woman along with Dave Domet at Vox Cantoris are rather thinned skinned.

Here is her complaint:

"As of now...Twitter has not unlocked my account. In Christ and not gonna back down or be silenced" Martyred Julie
Oh... you go girl..

Don't worry your pretty little fat head Julie! I'm sure the short fat knight Dave Domet will take up your cause and go on a 'behind the scenes' harassing email campaign targeting thousands of unsuspecting clueless bystanders who will be treated to a Domet style attack!

Dave Domet & Gary Voris

If and when the 'persecution' comes - girls like Dave Domet and 'Julie' won't be touched.

It'll be the Priests of the SSPX that will be persecuted as Our Lady of La Saeltte said.

Rat boy and company will be the backstabbing ones....