Ann Barnhardt Is Being Passed Around Like A Two Dollar Whore.......

Her first love was GaryVoris

Then Gary passed her off to Steve Skojec of 1p5

Steve then handed her off to Patrick Archbold of CMR

Pat makes an apology of sorts:
I originally invited Ann for an interview to discuss America and economics, but I asked these other Church questions so I published the answers. Readers know that my approach is different from Ann's, but I think she has a voice worth hearing. That is why I asked for the interview and why I am publishing it. Read More>>>>>>
I still contend that Ann is a dangerous woman - either she is not who she says she is or she will one day end up leaving what she converted to.

I need proof that the woman is a Catholic.

A picture or video of her attending Latin Mass and receiving communion.

The Internet is awash with pictures of her & her guns....but no pictures of her as a saint attending Mass.....

I would also like to see her Department of Homeland Security badge.