Another Lay Traditionalist Obsessed With The Serb Orthodox: Mundabor Gushes Over Wimbledon Winner Novak Djokovic For Making The Sign of The Cross? But What Bout Those Other Habits?

A Saint In The Making....

Maybe Blogger Mundabor is too tired today.

Look Stalin and Hitler at one time made the sign of the cross Martin Luther did as well. Pope Francis makes the sign of the cross (or does he?)

Making the sign of the cross  is not a sign of sainthood

Now we have a Serb - that is an Orthodox Serb (enemies to the one true Faith) making the sign of the cross - probably in the Serb way - backwards and somehow Mundabor is pleased with this public display. 

Here is what Mundabor gushes over:

Novak Djokovic wins again at Wimbledon, after a truly beautiful match against a wonderful, if aging opponent. After the match point he emits some “warrior cries” of joy, and lets the adrenaline out. Then he moves his gaze up to the sky, and he is obviously praying. After that, he kneels to the ground and does something which, to me, must have something religious to it. Finally, he gets up and makes a very obvious sign of the cross, concluded with a kiss to heaven Read More>>>>>>

Mundabor fails to mention the other habits of this Serb:

Grown Professional Man Dancing With Boys.....

Yea...that's right, this Serb is a dancer and lets everyone know how much he likes to dance.

Some of you may say so what! So what if the man likes to dance!

Yea...I would agree with you - so what! I mean, everything is so screwed up today does it really matter if a professional man likes to publicly dance with boys?

Well this is where the hypocrisy of Latin Mass attending laymen shows itself:

Not OK

Yea...the Serb has his vocation as a tennis player who likes to dance and that's OK

But when a man who has a vocation to the Priesthood and likes to dance...well all bets are off!

Again it brings us back to that very nasty practice that Latin Mass Trads engage in and think that they have a right to engage in - Political or Temporal Ecumenism!

That is Latin Mass attending Laymen think that they can engage in Ecumenism with Protestants, Evangelicals and Heretics on a temporal level or political level or business level but it is forbidden for the Priests Bishops and Popes to engage with the same heretics on a religious level.

According to these lay trads - Political or Temporal Ecumenism is from God & OK

Religious Ecumenism is from Hell and should be forbidden!

Mundabor finishes up with this observation:
As to Djokovic himself, I can see the time coming where every demonstration of Christian piety on the playing field will be forbidden because insulting those believing in other religions, or none.
Ah...who really cares what is banned on the playing field. Mundabor shouldn't be wasting his time with professional sports anyway - they are not role models - never have been and never will be.

Another bizarre habit of the Serb that Mundabor may not know about:

Look, eating grass, dancing and other bizarre habits takes away from his habit of making the sign of the cross.