If Michael Matt & The Remnant Crew Were Sent To Internment Camps Matt & Crew Would Still Demand The Right To Vote In Presidential Election......LOL!

Internment Camps are becoming a real possibility. Matt & the Remnant have been warning of the coming day when men like Matt & crew would be locked away because of their opposition to the powers that be.

Real pathetic thing is that when Matt and crew are interned in the camps Matt and crew will demand their constitutional right to vote in presidential elections!

Their jailers will concede their right to vote & the incarcerated will be allowed to vote in every democratically held election.
Prisoners In Line To Cast A Ballot

I can see Michael Matt, Christopher Ferrara, Ann Barnhardt, Michael (Gary) Voris, Steve Skojec et al all huddled together in their matching poisoner outfits on a cold November morning waxing lyrically about how they may be interned, but they still have the right to vote! Joy of joys.


This is the future get use to it.......

All because the lot of you have lost your bearings and still hold fast to the ballot box thinking that by voting for some Lilly white Protestant candidate all things in Christ will be restored.

None of you will give up your obsession with casting a ballot.