Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words! Ann Barnhardt Pontificates On The Mass But Fails To Provide Picture Proof That She Actually Attends A Latin Mass!

Ann Barnhardt Attending Latin Mass

Convert Ann is now pontificating on the Mass - the new mass, that is, and whether or not its valid. Traditionalists are just as foolish as those who attend the new mass and soak up everything that this woman has to offer.

Patrick Archbold of CMR gives the convert a platform to tell us what to think - the interview is a cut and paste email job. The interview on the mass is well over one thousand words by Ann.

Thanks for the pontificating, Ann, but I would still like to see evidence that you truly are a convert to the Catholic Faith and that you truly do publicly attend a Latin Mass at a supposed FSSP Chapel somewhere in Colorado.

This convert is the same convert that immediately pontificated to the rest of us just shortly after she converted. One spiritual rule is never, ever immediately start babbling and sharing with others upon the spiritual discourse you just had while meditating. And a Pope ( I think it was Leo XIII) said that converts especially Brownson should sit and be still. In Other words shut the Hell up!

But this is 2015 and converts are everywhere on the Internet - as if they have something to offer - but if you look closely most of the converts - 99% of them are heretics more or less. These new Catholics are locust spoken of in Apoc. 9. They do more damage then good.

Ann, for those you are too blind to see is a gun nut. This women on her blog turned just about every Saint into a representative for stockpiling weapons. She did this by pointing out that "See this saint is carrying a sword, therefore weapons are a necessary part of life and we must all arm ourselves" and other such nonsense. Truly evil to claim that the Saints who are depicted with the instruments that they were martyred with is proof that we must all carry weapons. This dishonest display of hers alone is worthy of punishment from on high. 

Ann even used a depiction of the Blessed Virgin Mary carrying a club to justified stock piling weapons.

Ann is a dangerous women

Did anyone call Ann out when she convinced a FSSP priest from Phoenix to carry a weapon? No. That very priest had his gun taken away from him by a street bum who in turned shot and killed the other parish priest during a break in.

Ann's gun nut advice got one FSSP killed - and none of you blinked.

Ann's other habit from hell is her Friday night prayer - It was the Our Father with the added lines by Martin Luther. Ann Posted this Friday Our Father for Years on her blog and again none of you blinked.

So here we have Ann pontificate to us on the Mass and yet this woman who supposedly attends Latin Mass did not know that the extra line in the Our Father is nowhere found in the Latin Mass! LOL!

How can any convert miss that? You supposedly attend Latin Mass and yet you fail to realised that the Martin Luther Our Father is not part of the Latin Mass?

So there is eveidence that Ann is not who she says she is - I contend that this woman is not a Catholics and does not attend a Latin Mass at a FSSP chapel.

If this woman does attend FSSP chapel then why does she spew forth stuff that is not to be utter by a FSSP priest? Please! Does this woman not go to confession to a FSSP priest? Does not her supposed FSSP parish priest now that Ann has a blog that is written in order to incite weak minds in things that the FSSP priest tries to correct during his homlies?

The FSSP says one thing on Sunday in the Pulpit & Ann says the opposite on her blog on Monday!

Hell do any of you get it?

Ann contradicts her very own FSSP pastor in blog posts - what kind of fruit is that?

Either her FSSP Pastor does not know who attends his Masses or Ann is never there....

Here from the Interview: