You Go Girl! Connecticut Catholic Corner Girl: "Twitter can ban me every week!" Julie Is The First Ever Twitter Martyr!

The persecution of Catholics prophesied by Gary Michael Voris Of Church has BEGUN!

.....or at least the Twitter persecution of Catholic girls is here:

Posted by Connecticut Catholic Corner 
Little over a week ago (June 26th), I posted THIS...about Twitter locking me out of my account for saying my governor made "me want to puke" for flying the sodomy flag over the Connecticut governor's Mansion here in my state to celebrate sodomy. Moments ago, I sent THREE gay story tweets out on Twitter...the first was this... Read More>>>>>
Julie finishes her post:
In Christ & not shutting up,    
Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner
Just like a typical woman who does not know when to shut the hell up! LOL!

Julie is our first ever Twitter Martyr