Cardinal Dolan Has It Wrong The Difference Between 1800's Era Irish Immigrants & Today's Mexican Immigrants Is That The Irish Attended Latin Mass! Mexicans Don't Even Attend Spanish Mass!

Every word that the Cardinal wrote is true.  Donald Trump is a WASP. Donald Trump is no different than the WASP's from the 1800's. Protestants back then, hated the Catholic Church, and they hate it today. So I don't understand why any Catholic would object to the words of Dolan:

During those happy days decades ago when I taught American religious history to university students, I spent a chunk of time in class on the ugly phenomenon called nativism, defined by the scholar and author Ray Allen Billington as, “organized, white, Protestant antagonism toward the Catholic immigrant.” 
It flourished in our country during the 1840s and 1850s — actually becoming a popular political party, the Know-Nothings — and appeared again, in the 1870s, as the American Protective Association; in the 1920s, as the KKK; and during post-World War II America, as Protestants and Other Americans United for Separation of Church and State. 
These nativists believed the immigrant to be dangerous, and that America was better off without them. All these poor degenerates did, according to the nativists, was to dilute the clean, virtuous, upright citizenry of God-fearing true Americans. 
(Among other American minorities, it must be said, Catholics like me often drew the ire of nativists.) Read More>>>>>
The only problem with the words of Dolan is that Dolan fails to make the distinction between the Catholicism of Irish Catholic Immigrants back in the 1800's, and the Catholicism of today's Mexican Catholic Immigrants. There is a world of difference between both camps.

What the Irish had back then the Mexicans don't have today.

The Irish Immigrant had the Latin Mass to attend, and had priests to hear confessions, and had beautiful churches to attend Mass in.

Mexicans don't have any of that.

In fact it is far worse for today's Mexicans.

All Mexicans are infected with Vatican II nonsense and are poisoned by the new liturgy. Granted the Mexicans can attend the stripped and barren new mass in Spanish and understand what is being said by the priest - but Mexicans must attend an ugly mass in an ugly church and hear a priest that most likely is a heretic. Confession? Why bother.

So the Irish back then and Mexicans of today belonged to two different Catholic worlds - back then it was Catholic - today?

Granted there is nothing new under the sun, but Irish back then still had better advantages and opportunity to follow the straight and narrow path no matter how criminal the Irish may have been, whereas today, the criminal Mexican has no where to turn to in the Church to better himself. The Mexican is left to himself, surrounded by all our current perverted American culture has to offer.

But Dolan won't draw the distinction and many conservative Catholics who attend the Latin Mass are infected with modern democracy and will fail to see the distinction as well. 

Today's trad is in love with Trump and they see him as a political saviour that will restore all things in Christ, and because Dolan has some harsh words for their political saviour -many conservative trads just look upon Dolan's remarks as attacking the restoration of all things in Christ! 

Again, what Dolan wrote is true and no Latin Mass attending Roman Catholic should have a problem with his words - Donald Trump is a nativist through and through.