Latest from gun nut on what Missionary of Mercy might look like:

What might a Missionary of Mercy be like and what will he do? I can imagine this initiative of Pope Francis’ being very creative and positive for the church. A priest who is chosen as a Missionary of Mercy could work in a very quiet way within his own parish—hearing more confessions, holding more penance services and focussing his usual work around his new mission of mercy.   He might be appointed by his bishop to conduct a series of Mercy Missions around the diocese throughout the year of mercy. Powerful preachers are to be chosen, and inspired by the Holy Spirit they could bring true renewal and joyful repentance throughout a diocese. Read More>>>>>>

In other words these Missionary of Mercy would be just what a Catholic priest is supposed to be - A PRIEST! 

Further foolishness:

Religious brothers like Fr. Bill Casey of the Fathers of Mercy, whose charism is preaching parish missions, might be chosen as a Missionary of Mercy and spend the year preaching special missions around the country.

Oh great we now get to witness more priests break dancing in schools, during mass and so on:

There are several videos out there on these break dancing priests. The ability to break dance has nothing to do with the Salvation of souls - on the contrary - the priest who puts on such a display is mocking the Priesthood.

If you foolish men want to save souls then do your damn job!