Heretic Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Claims SSPX Schools Are No Better Than Protestant Schools Or Public Schools!

Gentlemen, I now repeat, on the first full day of the pontificate of Francis. The entire SSPX should gather in St. Peter’s Square, crawl on hands and knees to the Apostolic Palace and beg the new Pope to allow them to kiss his foot, knee and hand and promise obedience. Given the new pontificate, what a gesture that would be. And it would provide a HUGE does of credibility to those who desire to maintain continuity with tradition. The self-proclaimed leaders of the defense of tradition should lead that way. Get out in front of everyone. Let the SSPX help Francis be the Pope of Christian Unity.   Posted on 14 March 2013 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

SSPX has 28 schools in the United States see here. 
How many schools does Fr. Z have? 0

Convert to the Catholic Faith always has advice for the SSPX:

It may be that sending one’s children to a Protestant school, which provides good moral training, decent scripture study, and quality overall education, might be an option for some parents, who will then have to take the extra time to teach their children the Catholic dimension they will miss. They may need to correct Protestant heresies and errors. They would probably have the difficult task of teaching their children to respect their teachers, but not believe everything those same teachers tell them.

Other parents could choose a public school. They must then shoulder the entire responsibility of teaching the Faith to their kids.

Others may choose a school operated by the Society of St. Pius X. These parents will also have to supplement their children’s education in the Faith to stress the importance of fidelity to the Bishop of Rome and obedience to proper ecclesiastical authority. They will have to teach their children to respect all priests and bishops. It could be, in some cases, a reasonable option to choose.

I would monitor very closely what your children are being taught. But that rule applies no matter which school they attend!

That said…

I caution against regular participation in Masses offered by the priests of the Society, especially if there are options available in parishes that are in full communion with the local bishop.

I strongly caution against reception of Holy Communion at these Masses, especially in places where the local bishop has made his magisterial opinion known.