Michael Voris Claims Pope Francis Is Mislead By His Advisors......Mundabor Claims That Michael Voris Is Mislead By His Advisors.......Is Mundabor Mislead By His Advisors???

I wish Voris would stop embarrassing himself, and free himself from the influence of horrible priests and misleading, if very probably good intentioned, donors. If an interview of a bishop goes against his grain he can, in my eyes, do one of the two: openly criticise the bishop, or simply ignore the matter. He does the first all the time with the other bishops, and he does the second all the time with the pope. Therefore, it should not have been too difficult.  
A great pity. We have a very sincere Catholic soul here, misled by people he should do without. Mundabor Read More>>>>>>
Can't anybody anymore take responsibility for their own actions and views?

This is beyond nuts......