To Show You How Much Of A Nasty Jew Fr. D Is When He Is Continually Scoffing And Mocking Traditional Vestments Worn By Traditional Latin Mass Saying Priests

There is a blogger who I like to read when he attacks the nonsense of some trads. However this man who is a priest acts like a Jew when he mocks the Priests and Bishops who are attired in their Traditional Vestments. Fr. D does this continually on his blog. I will not tell him to stop because I need more posts for this blog.

Fr. D. tries to make some point by always mocking the Traditional Vestments.

From his blog post  Wednesday, July 29, 2015 CONGRATS YOU LUCKY BASTARDS!

The point of Fr. D? I don't know. Other than the observation that it gives Fr.D the opportunity to mock the Vestments of the Priests.

And just to show you how much Fr. D acts like a nasty Jew when he makes fun of traditional vestments lets take a look at what a 500 year dead priest Fr. Heighman had to say about those who mocked the Vestments of the Priest:

How honor and reverence, in those that receive and handle the body of Christ. 

And for as much as Almighty God gave express commandment, to the Priests of the ancient law, that they should not approach to his Altar, to offer unto him, but first to be washed & invested, not with their profane, but with their holy ornaments, is it not then most convenient, that the Priests of the new Law, should be peculiarly adorned, and thereby dispose themselves with much more reverence, to handle and touch, the most precious body, of our redeemer and Saviour Jesus, then the old Priests and Prophets did, the flesh of sheep and oxen, or the body of a brute beast? 

Our Priests therefore, going to the Altar, thus apparelled, do set before our eyes, our Saviour Jesus, as he was set at his Passion, and consequently, those that scoff at the Priest, thus representing Christ unto us, do nothing else, then with the wicked Jews, scoff and deride at Christ himself. And even as those Jews, put all these ornaments upon our Saviour, for despite, and the more to dishonor him, yet Christ holy mother, and his blessed Apostles, did both love him; and reverence him so much the more entirely, for enduring such reproaches and shames, for our sakes: so these men, now a days, whose minds are wholly set against the Catholic Church, will mock perhaps at the Priest, standing at the Altar in such apparel, but contra wise, the true Christian and Catholic people, do esteem and honor him so much the more, who is, by the ordinance of God, exalted to so high a dignity, as to present unto us, so great mystery. 

To conclude, Priestly habits (so much offensive to the heretics of our age) were so highly respected by Alexander the great. (although a Pagan & Idolater) going to Jerusalem, with deliberation to ruin it, that withholden, by the only sight of the Pontifical vestments of the high Priest, and touched instantly with the fear of God, did cast himself from his horse, upon the ground, as it were to crave pardon for his sinister design, & granted to the city and country of Jewry, all the privileges, franchises, and immunities, that possibly they could desire: as witnesseth Josephus. lib.11cap.8.
A Devout Exposition Of The Holy Masse 1622  By John Heigham

Yea...looks like a priest who has been dead for 500 years or so has really nailed Fr. D. as nothing but a filthy Jew! LOL!

Yea. Fr. D you're a Jew nothing but a Jew mocking Christ on the Cross...maybe you should start sacrificing some goats and sheep instead of saying the stripped and barren new mass.....


  1. "Fr. D" or "Fr. Juan Duzuhldorf " is supposed to be some liberal parody of the very Novus Ordo Fr. John Zuhlsdorf. Most likely not a priest, but being a filthy Jew cannot be ruled out.

  2. I bet he is a priest who has a chip on his shoulder. ex-priest kicked out for some reason....not good.....

  3. There are many who do not honor Christ in a proper fashion outside the church and within. This page seems to be strictly antisemitic. Christ does as Joseph did still love his brothers, though they hated Him without a cause.


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