VIDEO: St Simeon Of Styles? Or Just Another Product Of Vatican II & The New Mass? Benedictine Monk Spotted By A Drone Catching Some Rays On Top Of A 175ft WIND TURBINE Speaks Out!

St Simeon Of Styles prayed, fasted and did penance on top a pillar - this monk is SUNBATHING!

'It was a little annoying': Benedictine monk spotted by a drone catching some rays on top of a 175ft WIND TURBINE speaks out

A Benedictine monk who works at a private Rhode Island school has discovered that finding solitude is no easy feat, even 175 feet in the air. Brother Joseph Byron was recently relaxing atop the Portsmouth Abbey School's wind turbine — as he often does — when a drone zoomed in. Video taken by the drone shows Byron sprawled across the turbine's flat surface, with views of Narragansett Bay in the background. The footage was posted online this week. Byron said Friday that alumni he hadn't heard from in years are contacting him after seeing the video. He says he found the drone interesting at first but was annoyed after it zoomed by a second time. Byron says he climbs the turbine, which was installed in 2006, because he enjoys the view.

He told the Providence Journal: 'It is not scary; it is peaceful and the views of the bay are spectacular. I am not afraid of heights.' Byron also told the newspaper: 'It was a little annoying. It seems you cannot go anywhere to get away anymore.' The pictures were taken by Kevin Miller, from San Diego, California, while he was on holiday in Rhode Island on the other side of the country earlier this month. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>