What? Posterizes It? Are You Kidding Me? MATTHEW ARCHBOLD Shill For Lilly White Bible Thumper Cruz!

Posterized: A slang term depicting a play in basketball. In said play, a player dunks the ball over top or in front of another player, making a play so picturesque that it may appear on a poster, hence the term, posterized.
Again, Roman Catholic layman who are in love with the ballot box are making fools of themselves. These are the same men who are constantly blogger about the Social Reign of The Kingship Of Christ. Blogging so much on the Kingship of Christ that one would concluded that these lovers of modern democracy have visions of Christ casting a ballot.

Well, Christ does not vote. He Never did and never will.

Mr. Archbold is another shill for casting ballots, who must be having visions of ballot casting Jesus.

His latest blog post is about Ted Cruz and the question put forth on God:
Megyn Kelly Tosses Up Question Asking Candidates if They've Heard from God, Cruz Dunks It  

I thought Megyn Kelly's question about whether any of the candidates heard from God about their candidacy was flippant and inappropriate. Now, it was one of those Facebook questions but she still picked it. I mean, you've got the Republican candidates for president and you ask them...if they've heard from God? It's unserious. And let's face it, picking that question indicates that she's looking for a "debate moment" instead of a serious discussion of issues. But that's what where we are now. It's more reality tv than debate. To be fair though, Cruz takes that question and essentially posterizes it. Check it out:
First off - if you know the definition of 'posterizes it' without looking it up then you watch too much sports and are a complete idiot.

Now I for one, run the other way when I hear this from a bible thumper:

Look, this is embarrassing for Cruz to say such things in public, and even more embarrassing for Archbold to praise the foolish testimony of bible thumper Cruz.

I don't want this nut case in the White House.

This election will flush out all the foolish democracy crazed Traditionalists. Actually I'm sick of it. Once the election is over these crazed ballot catholic bloggers will once again show how much of an expert they are on the Social Reign of the Kingship of Christ - then I'll get sick again.....