Ann Barnhardt Is The Same Chick Who Was Taunting Muslims To Rape & Murder Her Awhile Back Is Now Terrified That A Psycho Killer Is Stalking Her!!!


Hear the psycho killer.....

Five Minutes of Schizophrenia 

Remember when Ann posted her address for Muslims to hunt her down?

Now that a hillbilly psycho is stalking Ann I guess its no longer fun for Ann. Funny how she wanted to by martyred by Muslims for burning a Koran wrapped in Bacon, so much so,  that she gave out her home address, inviting Muslims to hurry up and pay her a visit leaving her front door unlocked and open.

Of course everyone knows that Ann never auctioned off her massive stockpile of weapons to pay her tax bill. Heck the street value of her weapons stockpile could have paid the tax bill for a whole town of citizens.

So now that a threat may be real, Ann is acting like the girl she is.

Maybe Ann is just an attention whore..

I rather listen to the Talking heads