Ex-Bob Jones Fundamentalist/Ex-Anglican & Now Married Priest With Kids Fr. Longenecker Calling The SSPX Schismatics! LOL!

Man Fornicates With Wifey At Night & Then Says The New Mass In The Morning

"The Lefebvrists are in schism" What do you  expect from a man who attended Bob Jones University then became a Anglican & then became a Catholic then became a Priest. Do you really think a man like this is gonna defend the SSPX? 
The Lefebvrists are in schism and there are a whole range of progressive “Catholic” denominations that have been founded. Daniel Maguire is an eminent theologian. Is he unaware that these groups already exist? Is he unaware that groups like this have existed for the last two thousand years? They are called “schisms.” Read More>>>>>>
The reason this man became a Catholic was because of the laxity found today amongst the clergy. 

This man is a fraud as a priest and if there was never a Vatican II or stripped and barren new mass this man would have never converted to the Catholic Faith.

Not surprising that this fraud takes the side of Voris.