Fr. Longenecker Smoking A Little Weed Fantasies About A Truly Catholic Political Party!

Ex-Bob Jones fanatic, ex-Anglican & now married with kids Catholic Priest is fantasying about what a truly Catholic Political Party would look like.

Of course the fornicating Priest's fantasy still looks to modern democracy to save the world and restore all things in Christ, its just that every thing in his political fantasy is small very, very small....

What Would A Truly Catholic Political Party Look Like?

pro life 
pro family 
pro poor 
pro sick
pro elderly
pro weak
pro stupid
pro ugly
pro smelly
pro marginalized
pro small business
pro small government
pro small etc.....

every thing is small because small is better and small is Catholic.

Oh..and of course the Truly Catholic Political Party (or TCP as married with kids Priest fantasies) would be completely and entirely...


I won't link to his site because it may draw weak and very stoopid souls to his very stoooopid site...and he may make some money.......and I want all the blog the entire world..for myself.....and I want all the attention..... and I want to highjack and control your mind with subliminal messages.........and I will police every single comment posted on my blog and if it doesn't agree 110% with my world view I will personally come over to your home and delete it from your very own computer while you are watching me .....and there is nothing you can do because I control your mind......