Funny.....Pope Francis Lands In Cuba & The Latest Stories On Church Militant Are All About The SSPX!!

Who has an axe to grid against the SSPX? Michael Voris does, the- ex-journalist Voris is afraid of covering the heretical and wicked Pope Francis, but Voris has no problem condemning the SSPX in these FIFTEEN attacks on the SSPX:
  4. Sheen Even Called It Schism
  5. A Canonical History of the Lefebvrite Schism
  6. Fr. John Emerson, FSSP: The Break With the SSPX
  7. The Vortex—SSPX Sadness
  8. The Vortex—Offensive to Go
  9. The Vortex—Do NOT Go to Mass
  10. The Vortex—SSPX Sunday Mass The Vortex—Schismatics Before God
  11. SSPX Poachers 
  12. ‘Have Nothing to Do With Them,’ Says Bishop About SSPX
  13. Why I Left the SSPX
  14. Why I Left the SSPX Milieu
  15. SSPX Schism Turns Heretical
A little too much on the SSPX don't you think? Is Voris right about the SSPX? For a man who embraces the errors and heresies of Pope Francis,  his judgment is very flawed. You can't ignore the obvious heresies of Pope Francis without you yourself being a partaker of the Pope's heresies. He who touches pitch is defiled with it, is a lesson lost on Voris.

Voris is wrong about Pope Francis and he is wrong about the SSPX.

Will Team Gary step up the coverage on the Pope's visit to Cuba & US? Will CM's coverage of the Pope increase & coverage of the SSPX decease?

Will count the number of Church Militant stories about the Pope in the coming days. Rest assured that whatever scandal arises from the Pope in word or deed, Voris will completely and totally ignore all of them!

Most of the 15 attacks on the SSPX by Team Voris took place during the Novena to Our Lady Of La Salette. Think about that one for a minute. Michael Voris is at war with the SSPX and Voris is at war with the Mother of God. Voris was deliberately thumbing his nose at Our Lady of La Salette.

As you can gather all 15 of the attacks made on the SSPX where written and produced ahead of time. Probably took many days of preparation to put all these attacks together on the SSPX. Voris had help from many FSSP priests as well.

It is said that Voris took a 'retreat' on the very day when Pope Francis announced that the SSPX can hear confessions during the year of Mercy, this Papal action put Voris in to such a shock that he spent his entire retreat writing the attacks on the SSPX and made the decision to go on the offensive.

Voris will become very powerful in the years to come...but he will eventually fall.