Is Gun Nut Ann Barnhardt Endangering The Lives Of Fellow Parishioners At FSSP Colorado Chapels? Mad Man Is Stalking Ann!

Ann has a deranged fan.

No big deal to anyone else but Ann.

Ann claims to be a victim of a mad man:
Five Minutes of Schizophrenia 
Some points: 
1. I am in no way afraid of this guy with regards to my own personal safety. Don’t worry about that. The point is, this person is schizophrenic with clearly violent tendencies, and can be set off, apparently, by just about anything. And he walks the streets as we speak. 
2. If you ever hear someone in your family or socially talking and behaving like this, take it seriously. Insane people should be regarded like wild animals. I know that is a very harsh thing to say, especially in today’s effeminized world, but it is absolutely true. 
3. Don’t send me any emails asking, “What was he talking about when he was going off about Mr. Drysdale from the Beverly Hillbillies” or anything else. Dude, I have NO IDEA. The guy is crazy. It makes no sense. It is irrational, detached-from-reality gibberish. The reason these people are dangerous is because TO THEM, what they say makes perfect, perfect sense. He thinks he delivered the greatest rhetorical beat-down ever and that everything he thinks and says is perfectly logical and MORAL. That is why the insane are capable of anything. 
4. Bear in mind, this was the third of three (so far) voicemails. I have another SIXTEEN MINUTES of rambling, although the first two voicemails were not hostile, just manic.
OK so Ann has established that the guy is off the rails crazy.

Problem is that Ann lives in a van down by the river:

OK kinda hard tracking down someone who lives off the grid so to speak & a crazy guy might run into difficultly finding Ann. However the crazy guy had enough wits about him to SKPE Ann, so I'm betting that he can probably find Ann on a Sunday Morning at one of the following two FSSP Chapels in Colorado:

Mother of Divine Grace House (diocese: Denver)
5620 So. Hickory Circle
Littleton CO 80120
Tel. +1 303 703 8538

St. Therese of the Child Jesus House (diocese: Colorado Springs)
[622 Aspen Drive; Security CO 80911], P.O. Box 5211
Colorado Springs CO 80931
Tel. +1 719 382 0121

Ann claims to be a convert to the Catholic Faith but fails to produce any evidence of her Conversion - you know - like:

Regular Mass attendance
Public reception of Communion
Habit of publicly praying inside a Church for all to witness....etc know EVIDENCE - it comes with the territory.

People do notice, even if you try to hide your devotion in the back of the church. Hell, you can hide your holy self in a desert and people will still hear about your love for God.

Again evidence - that same evidence that every single Saint throughout the history of the Church gave as a testimony of their faith. Its not hard to leave a trail of devotion.

Where's Ann's trail of devotion?

Where's Ann's trail of tears?

Well if her saintly trail is found in one of the above FSSP chapels then I would say that those in attendance at said chapels are in danger from a mad man on the loose looking for Ann.

So, Ann, you are putting others at risk because of your foolishness.

Less of course Ann is too busy with other things, and she doesn't really attend Sunday Morning Mass at all.


  1. Do you believe that providing the addresses of the FSSP parishes will help this deranged gun man change his mind or zero in for the kill? What are you advocating? You alleged that Ms. Barnhardt is lacking in the display of her conversion and Catholicism in general. You have made a very public pronouncement concerning not just your faith but your humanity.

  2. One FSSP Priest was murdered with a Gun of a fellow FSSP Priest.

    Ann along with Fr. Z are advocating that FSSP priests carry guns. Fr Z admits that he packs a piece while saying mass.

    Both Fr Z & Ann are converts.

    There are more pictures on the internet showing Ann with her guns then there are of Ann receiving communion at a FSSP Parish

    I doubt very much that Ann is who she says she is.

    The very public Gun policy of Ann and Fr Z got one Priest Killed!

    Pay attention!


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