Michael Matt Is The Great Unifier! Unites FSSP & SSPX & Diocesan Priests "Hip Hip Hooray!"

Something you just don't see every day. As the situation in the Church goes from really bad to much worse, it is hardly difficult to predict a gradual coming together of traditional Catholics the world over in the days to come. At the Catholic Identity Conference in Weirton, WV, this weekend priests from all the major traditional Catholic fraternities and priestly societies came together to encourage the faithful to keep the old Faith and be not discouraged. Here we have two diocesan priests (who offer the old Mass only), one priest of the Fraternity of St Peter, one priest of the Society of St Pius X, and one priest of the Institute of Christ the King. False compromise? NONE! There are still strategic differences between these priests, and they do not pretend otherwise. But recognizing the severity of the crisis at hand and the necessity of confirming the faithful at this critical moment in history, these priests have reached out as faithful fathers to scattered and fearful sheep, urging us to pray, take hold of Tradition and never let go, and keep the Faith. God bless and keep these courageous priests and their powerful example of true Christian charity. May God continue to bless His Church with good and holy priests.

I think Matt should throw his name in the ring if and when the Imperial Electors come together for a vote to elect the next Holy Roman Emperor!