Some Bloggers Wish To Ignore The FSSP War Declared On The SSPX!

Should I Jump The FSSP Ship?

Where does Michael Voris get his material in attacking the SSPX? Does Voris write it all himself? No of course not. He gets help from the Priests of The FSSP, the FSSP Priests are set up in opposition to the SSPX. In order for the lay parishioners at the FSSP not to jump ship after the Synod and go over to the SSPX. The Priest of FSSP have decided to go on the offensive and engage in a smear campaign against the SSPX.

But that's OK the only ones who will listen and believe in such FSSP rubbish are weak souls who are easily scared. If you notice the bloggers who are defenders of the FSSP are mostly converts, granted these bloggers get more blog traffic but as you can tell by their posts most of them are not in it for the fight.

Too much wishy-washy nonsense from these bloggers - for instance see A most disconcerting development 

Look FSSP & SSPX can't both be right. One is in error and will soon be punished for it after the Synod.