HONEY TRAP! Playing With Fire You're Gonna Get Burned - STEVE SKOJEC Of 1P5 Confesses That He Was Sucked Into Neo-Nazi Pornography “Latin Mass Society”

Ahhhh Nationalism & Porno Infiltrating The Latin Mass Attending Traditionalists....

I guess if you wanna make a name for yourself you gotta deal with the devil. Skojec was way too focus on making a name for himself that his powers of discernment were totally messed up. He wanted to be like "mike" (or Gary as his birth certificate & I like to call him) and he found himself fooled by some very bad souls.

Skojec has done an interview with "convert" Ann Barnhardt - another questionable character of the Latin Mass Traditionalists movement (photo of her wearing her homeland security badge?)

Look, traditionalists are being played and infiltrated by those demoniacs that want to destroy the Church. Stay away from anyone promoting Nationalism or Distributism - these creeps are going to cause a lot of trouble for the Church soon enough.

The following is Skojec doing a confession of sorts, actually he is doing damage control - he doesn't wanna lose face and readers. But the thing is, is that Skojec has not learned from his own past - the guy admits that he was part of the the demonic legionaries of christ of the monster Marcial Maciel until he finally left.....Skojec has been damaged by the experience but never mind he is gonna push on... and find himself in a pickle again - this time its with a sting operation of sorts - here let him do the damage control:
If you want to know more, there’s something of a personal connection here, so please bear with me while I give you some backstory. I’ve done my best to document what I can. 
In February of this year, I was looking for some photography to use in an article about the practice of women’s veiling when I came across the work of a young photographer named Anthony Perlas. Perlas runs a website called the Latin Mass Society. His work included both photos and videos, and featured attractive young women wearing chapel veils, all shot in a contemporary style that showed a talent and understanding of the craft. I put a premium on aesthetics in the images we use, so this appealed to me. Thinking back on it now, there was something about his style prickled at the back of my brain. Some of his images almost made the young women in veils come across as…sexy. But it at the time, the effect was relatively subtle, and I chalked it up to the influence of the sort of secular media culture that, for better or worse, tends to produce higher-quality visuals than most Catholic outlets do. 
I wound up publishing my article before Anthony and I were able to connect. But once we made contact, he told me he was interested in having me as a guest on his Google Hangouts series, the Latin Rosary Online. “Michael Voris amongst Gail Buckley and other public figures such as best selling catholic Author Dr. John Acquaviva has also participated,” he said. 
1P5 was still fairly new, and it seemed like it might be a good opportunity for exposure, so I agreed to do the program. 
At the scheduled time, I was brought into a Hangouts session by a young woman named Kristina, who was introduced to me as the “host” of the program. I immediately noticed that she wasn’t dressed for a traditional Catholic video podcast. She wearing pajama pants and a tight spaghetti strap tank top. I’ve chosen a relatively innocuous screenshot from the video, but you can see that her attire was surprisingly revealing, considering the venue.
Skkojec even posted the video on his on site:

She was a perfectly pleasant person to deal with. As someone who has had countless battles with my own (college-age) daughter about modesty, I’m never all that surprised when young women are unaware of the effect of immodest clothing. After all, the culture is decidedly working against them. But I also didn’t think there was any way she was going on camera like that – at least, not with an FSSP priest on the line. (Fr. James Fryar was the clerical guest – we’ll get back to him in a minute.) At first, I thought Kristina must have just been the tech person who got things set up. As things progressed, however, I realized she was going to be on with us. Anthony was dressed in a shirt and tie. Fr. Fryar was in his Roman Collar. I was wearing a collared shirt. One of these things was not like the others. 
Still, having never done a Google Hangouts session before, I assumed maybe she wouldn’t be on screen. Maybe she had control of the camera and would be voice-only. When you’re in a Google Hangout session, the camera switches automatically to the person who is talking, so it’s hard to say for sure what you’re going to see in the final recording when you’re not used to it. 
In the end, she was on screen a lot. Nobody said anything about it. Not Anthony, not Fr. Fryar, and not me. We all had a worthwhile conversation, though, and like an idiot, I went ahead and posted the video to the 1P5 Facebook page, assuming that perhaps the quality of the content would make up for the visual distraction. 
It was a dumb move on my part. I got a lot of negative feedback from readers, and with good reason. I had made a poor choice. So I pulled the video. I sent an explanatory note to Kristina, apologizing that for not addressing it at the time: Read More>>>>>>>
Look if Skojec was fooled twice by evil men what guarantee is there that Skojec won't be fooled again and again and again until you start to wonder that Skojec is searching these evil men out because he has some affinity with these types.

Skojec like most who want followers play both sides of the fence and want to be liked by everyone. This is why the guy will not attend the SSPX - if he did his readership would dry up & he knows this.

Again, Skojec is doing damage control because he thinks that he will be liked for coming out & confessing his foolishness.

Hey....this is gonna happen again...