Satan Has Offspring. You Bet He Does: Is Gary Voris A Offspring Of The Devil? Gary Born Of A Incubus?

"Satan Has Offspring. You Bet He Does" Gary Voris

One thing to notice is that the Devil is always first. It is a tool of Satan to be the first in order to fool the unwary - for instance if a wicked soul accuses some innocent soul of some crime you can be sure that the wicked soul is the one that committed the crime - its call projection. It happens more than you think - women are very good at this wicked game.

Enter Voris or Gary the forerunner to the Antichrist as I like to call him.

He publishes a book about his life so that everyone can soak up his lies, he will claim to be a saint in youth but turns into a great sinner in his later life and converts back to the faith by the prayers of his mother, and now Voris is the Great Saint sent from on high to save the Church and the World.

Voris, in case none of you are catching on, is claiming that he is the Great Monarch to save us all!

So any criticism leveled at the Great man will be considered in bad taste.

However...there is one small problem with Gary projecting himself as the Great Monarch.....Gary defends the wicked actions of Pope Francis.

There is no other proof needed than the fact that Gary defends Heretical Pope Francis - this is evidence enough that Gary is not the Great Monarch.

On the contrary Gary is the forerunner to the Antichrist spoken of by Our Lady at La Salette & Fatima.

List of reasons that Gary is the best candidate to be Forerunner to the Antichrist:

1. Defends wicked actions & heretical doctrine of Pope Francis
2. Claims that the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary has been done.
3. Claims that JPII is the Fatima Pope who is murdered in the Secret of Fatima.
4. Goes by his middle name Michael to sound more Catholic
5. Refuses to go by Gary......
6. Attacks the SSPX
7. Hair like a woman (Apoc. reference)

Will add to the list....

Question: Is Gary born of a Incubus? Sound ridiculous? Yea..I know you would rather believe that Voris might be the Great Monarch born in exile.....whatever..

Did you know that the Arch Heretic Martin Luther was born of Incubus?

There are, that write Luther to have been born of an Incubus (that is of a filthy spirit abusing women in place of man) which oppressed his mother, when she was a servant in a common bath in Germany: but I know not of what credit it is: the credit dependeth of that matron of lypsta, which reported it, and knew well his mother. Prateolus
Are Incubus real? Yes of course. St Augustine said that to deny such is heresy.

It is said that the Antichrist will be born by an incubus - Our Lady said that the Antichrist will be born of a false Virgin. Meaning that a Incubus will impregnate the false virgin

Succubus gets the sperm from a man and the Incubus plants the seed into the woman.

One question can be asked from what man was the seed taken from in order to impregnate Luther's mother?

Think about this for a moment - who is wicked enough to be the father of Martin Luther? I'm sure the seed was not just ordinary seed from some farmer. No, the seed that the devil implanted into Luther's mother had to come from a wicked man, a very wicked man.

I do know that the seed of man breaks down over time and the Incubus does not have much time in planting the seed into some women. At least that's what the opinion was back in the day.

But today we have a way of preserving sperm:

Yea those sperm banks have it all covered:
Sperm can be frozen indefinitely. There have been normal pregnancies from sperm stored frozen for 12 years. The efficacy of the freezing is questionable when it has been frozen for more than 12 years. Each individual's sperm reacts differently to the freezing process. Jul 9, 2014
So if modern man can preserve sperm for 12 years or indefinitely, then I would think that Evil Spirits can preserve sperm for a longer period. Meaning the the seed that gave birth to Martin Luther was probably seed from Judas himself! That's 1,450 year old sperm!

Same goes for the Antichrist - the seed that gives birth to the Antichrist will probably be from Judas as well.

Same goes for the Forerunner to the Antichrist Gary. If Gary is the forerunner to the Antichrist then Gary is the offspring of Judas!

Yea I know you don't want to believe such things.....but again you will believe that Gary is the long awaited Great Monarch...LOL!