Brainwashed Worshipers Of The Papacy: Mark Shea + Sedevacantist Novus Ordo Watch + Gary Voris

The Look Of Papal Idolaters

What do Sedevacantist Novus Ordo Watch + Mark Shea + Gary Voris have in common?

All three worship the papacy!

There are 10 commandments that written by the finger of God on a stone tablet that was given to Moses. The Catholic Church tells us that we must obey all ten commandments. ALL TEN.

But to the above three morons the first three commandments do not apply to the man who occupies the chair of Peter or better yet according to the three morons that Pope can not sin against the first three commandments. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

All men have free will and therefore all men can and do break all ten commandments.

The only one preserved from committing sins against the 10 commandments would be the Immaculate Mother of God (not gonna speculate on possibly St Joseph & John The Baptist & any soul freed from the stain of original sin).

But the man who becomes Pope is not free from the stain of original sin. And therefore the man who occupies the chair of Peter can & do sin against the 10 commandments. This should be obvious to the three morons but it is not.

Please tell me where in Scripture or in Canon Law that states that once a sinful man becomes Pope that somehow he is prevented from sinning against the first three commandments?

Where is this foolishness found?

It is not found anywhere in the writings of the Saints or Church Fathers or Church law or Divine Scripture.

This bizarre idea that once a man becomes Pope he is prevented from sinning against the first three commandments is from the demented and diseased mind of Francis Schuckardt.

Francis Schuckardt is the first man to come up with the idea of Sedevacantism.

Francis Schuckardt was a very sickly layman who made himself a bishop. He is from  Seattle and is now dead. All Sedevacantists deny that Schuckardt is their father, but he is their father. Some Sedevacantists claim that some Jap or som Mexican is their Father, but the fatherhood of Sedevacantists falls on Francis.

Can the Popes sin? Yes. Can the Popes sin against the 10 commandments? Yes.

So why do morons like Gary NOW & Mark say otherwise? Because they're morons.

Pope Francis is the Pope and he sins. Pope Francis is a Heretic and he should be put on trial for heresy & then burnt at the stake.

And any one who defends the wicked words and actions of a heretical pope should burn as well