LOL! Latin Mass Blogger Mahound Giving Orders To Faithful Priests, Bishops & Cardinals To Rebuke Pope Francis!!

OK I guess lay bloggers are now telling the clergy what to do or don't do....
The Question Isn't, Anymore, Whether the Pope is a Heretic; It's What Do We Do About It
Faithful priests, bishops and cardinals: The Church now needs a public champion. Someone must be the first to rebuke Francis to his face, for without a first there will be no others. It will probably be a thankless task, at least in this life. You will be slandered and vilified, called an "extremist" and a "schismatic". Your name may not go down in human history, at least in any major way, in part because the victory will not be won so quickly. Someone fifty or a hundred years from now may get the recognition and applause. But of course, as much as it seems to matter to so many of us, it shouldn't, and you of all Catholics should know that. Read More>>>>>>
Reminds me of a guy who once suggested to a Diocesan Priest that he should quit the Parish he was assigned to and go out on the road saying Latin Mass wherever he found the audience!

Here is one of the commenters:
A Daughter of MaryNovember 2, 2015 at 12:54 PM We could 'force' a champion knight to step forth. Pick one: Cardinal Burke, Bishop Schneider? Hammer the one we pick with letters, twitters, e-mails, and whatever else we can think of: beg, beg, beg, implore, implore, intreat our pick to please stand UP and lead. As said above millions will fall away, but millions will follow an orthodox Catholic Knight.  We could start a petition????
I think the girl is serious!

This Mahound blogger attends St. John Cantius up in Chicago I wonder if he's one of those stuffed shirts that take up the collection!!