Terry Nelson Of Abbey Roads Clarifies St. Peter Damien's Sodomitic Vices Include Masturbation

I always thought the same when reading St. Peter Damien's Gomorrah, that anyone who engages in Masturbation is also Sodomite.

So let it stand that any act of impurity with self, or self abuse, or Masturbation, or spilling your seed, or contraception, could be part of the Sodomitic Vice.
St Peter Damian sees "sodomitic vice" as not only including homosexual acts (which he holds to be the most grievous kind of sodomy) but any form of sexual perversion, which notably includes contraception and masturbation, which he regards as closely related.
Terry adds: So anyway. When you call people sodomites - remember that may include a whole lot of people other than gays. St. Peter Damien - a new translation of The Book of Gomorrah ...Read More>>>>>>>