Ex- Bob Jones Ex- Anglican Now Catholic Priest Fr. Longenecker Refuses To Demonize ALL MUSLIMS! But Will Demonize ALL SSPXers

Fr Longenecker on Schismatics & Muhammad in the pit of hell:
The ninth ditch of Maleboge in Dante’s Inferno holds the schismatics. In his usual vividly appropriate imagery, Dante portrays the torture of the schismatics as being split in half with a demonic sword. Anthony Esolen translates Dante’s description with hellish language: “midstave split apart…so burst wide from the chin, severed down to where we fart.” It is interesting that Dante puts Muhammad and his son Ali into the circle of schismatics. He thus follows the medieval understanding of Islam as a Christian schism. The imagery is violent because schism eventually leads to violence. Notice the violence of Islam. Notice the violence of the wars of religion and centuries of revolution and bloodshed after the Protestant Revolution in Europe. When Christendom is broken, heads must roll. 
Who is Fr Longencker calling schismatic? The SSPX of course:
This is not the place for a discourse on the technical points of canon law, but the point is: do you want to take that kind of a risk with your marriage or even with your soul? Apart from legal and sacramental concerns, there is also the danger that affiliating with the SSPX can gradually cause one to absorb a schismatic mentality.
Fr blankets the entire SSPX as Schismatic - he demonizes all SSPXers

But Fr will refuses to demonize all MUSLIMS:
they don’t want to help demonize all Muslims for the extremist views and actions of a few. This is understandable, and in some ways I agree. It won’t do any good to demonize and scapegoat all Muslims for the violent actions of a minority