Fr Faber Condemns Gary Voris Of Church Militant: Where There Is No Hatred For Heresy There Is No Holiness

Where There Is No Hatred For Heresy There Is No Holiness Fr. Faber

Strange....the above street is named after Fr. Faber, is located where?

Well if you notice the two pictured above you can guess that this location is somewhere in the middle east? or England?

No, the above location is just a few miles away from Church Militant studios in Ferndale Michigan.

The above town has a majority population of Muslims.

The town is Hamtramck, Michigan
Islam USA: Inside America's only Muslim-majority city, where the call to prayer echoes in the streets - and Syrian refugees are welcomed in defiance of the governor 
The rest of America may be agonizing over the security implications of taking in those fleeing the twin horrors of Bashar al-Assad and ISIS. But Syrian refugees are being welcomed with open arms in Hamtramck, Michigan - America's first and only majority Muslim city. Once 90 percent Polish Catholic, the blue-collar enclave just outside Detroit has been transformed by successive waves of immigrants from Bangladesh, Yemen and Bosnia. Muslims now outnumber non-Muslims, the council has a Muslim majority and the call to prayer echoes through the streets five times a day. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>
Do any of you not know about the Muslim Terrorist attacks that took place in Paris or San Bernardino?

Yes all of you know about those  Muslim Terrorist attacks.

So why no coverage of these two attacks on a Vortex or any format at Church Militant - you can find a cut a paste job on what some bishop said but that's about it. Gary Voris and crew are silent when it comes to Islam and Muslims.

Why is this?

Gary is surrounded by Mosques there are over 30 mosques all within a half hour drive. Thousands of Muslims live near Gary and crew.

So why does Gary go into the many Mosques that surround him and convert the Muslims?


What is Gary afraid of?

Gary is timid? 

Maybe its because Pope Francis does not attack Islam or convert Muslims? Maybe that's the reason.

Or maybe the reason is more sinister.


  1. it is Michael. Michael Voris. If you are going to bash someone--at least get their names right


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