I always thought it would be interesting to be in attendance at an exorcism....uh....I take it back. I've been around very nasty people - you know the apostate Catholics with tattoos, with piercings, with tongue piercings, or nose rings or other unmentionables. Of course the poor souls have been married two or three times or more, and don't really care - they hate the Catholic Faith and Morals and they will mock the true faith whenever they get a chance - so the best path is to not mention anything of faith or morals to these poor souls - so as not to give them the opportunity to mock and ridicule. And believe me, this is what these monster want - an opening or opportunity to attack all that is good and holy.

But what is worse is that these freaks or monsters abuse the Holy Name of Jesus constantly - and this is in the work place. I'm really sick of it. So now I'm using ear plugs to keep my mind at ease.

Not saying that the wicked ex-catholic co-worker is not aware of my displeasure with the abuse of the Holy Name of Jesus - that person is aware, but refuses to stop.

So I guess the person is possessed - literally possessed.

I am not a witness to any strange goings on from this monster other than the verbal abuse, and there is evidence that this person has problems. From what I gather so does the person's entire family.

You can tell me that I should pray for the poor soul - my response is no.

As for this wicked soul celebrating Christmas? I pray to God that He exacts just judgment here and now on this horrible witch, simply because I can't convince that person of the evil that she does.  The monster is too far gone to ever make amends and do what is right. We all have a limited amount of time here. Most waste what little time they have. This monster is one of them. Very few make good use of the time allotted to them.

As for myself I would like to spend my time without have my ears abused by blasphemous words utter by a monster. But hey I work in Corporate America and no justice is meted out there.

So I pray to the Blessed Trinity to make things right.

This is my Christmas Prayer - to defend the Holy Name Of Jesus from the monsters of hell.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Tree In Flames


  1. There's a lot of that going around. Oh, but if only they were more educated in the Faith... would they realize how much they truly hate God!

  2. yes, reasonable answer - however: O Lord, thy eyes are upon truth: thou hast struck them, and they have not grieved: thou hast bruised them, and they have refused to receive correction: they have made their faces harder than the rock, and they have refused to return.

    If the bad things that happen to them in life don't draw them closer to God then 10,000 missionaries sent to their doorstep won't help either.

    God does a better job of getting the message across


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