NO HOAX! Reputable Catholics Bloggers Corbinians Bear, Oakes Spalding of Mahound’s Paradise & Maureen Mullarkey Forced To Meditate On Vaginas During Advent & Christmas Season

COURBET, Gustave 
Woman with White Stockings 
c. 1861

These three reputable bloggers Corbinians Bear, Oakes Spalding of Mahound’s Paradise & Maureen Mullarkey spilled a lot of ink (or about 100,000 words) over the last several weeks during Advent & Christmas on the Vatican G Spot conference Hoax or Non-Hoax

Here is a quick breakdown so you don’t have to plow through the sea of words on vaginas:

Point I

According to these three reputable Catholics Bloggers Corbinians Bear, Oakes Spalding of Mahound’s Paradise & Maureen Mullarkey the veracity of man Dr Bader who has his nose, hands and fingers in a woman’s vagina daily and his mind focused on improving the look, smell. and taste of a woman’s vagina is to be believed with out a doubt!

Point II

According to these three reputable Catholics Bloggers Corbinians Bear, Oakes Spalding of Mahound’s Paradise & Maureen Mullarkey, the veracity of Fr. Lombardi is not to be believed on any account.

Therefore the Vatican is lying and the snatch doctor is telling the truth and the reputable Catholics Bloggers Corbinians Bear, Oakes Spalding of Mahound’s Paradise & Maureen Mullarkey are vindicated for meditating on a women's vaginas during advent & Christmas season…

Oh here’s a little music for your vagina meditations…by Ladies on the rag: something smells like fish...

All three of you blogging idiots were forced to focus on vaginas during Advent & Christmas - congrats morons you shouldn’t have taken the bait now your hands smell like fish!

That’s all!


  1. The low class of your article shows what rank of mind you have. Enjoy penitence!

    1. actually I thought it was hilarious! did you like the street performance?

  2. This is pretty good for someone whose native language is clearly not English. The Bear would not recommend the picture you used for a blog that appears might be concerned with purity, however. But, you have correctly identified the three bloggers who have not bought the Vatican denial hook, line and sinker. You might do your readers (?) the courtesy of linking to the three blogs you mentioned, so they can consider the evidence themselves. The usual politeness. And, of course, there's an apostrophe between the final "n" and "s" in Corbinian's, to make it possessive in the English. language, but that's the Bear being picky. Ultimately, Dr. Bader will supply the evidence or not. In the meantime this matter remains open, despite your detailed and open-minded research.

    1. Link? I always link please look at the very first sentence with the bloggers listed - it is in bold click the blob and you will find home!

      Guys like you won't link to me - it started with Mark Shea etc....

  3. 19,365 pageviews? Quality non-crazy writing on interesting topics is a good way to draw traffic. No thanks necessary, the Bear believes the more successful bloggers should pass tips along to the struggling ones. Admit it. You're the same guy who does Pope Francis the Destroyer, aren't you? There is a similar unhinged giddiness.

  4. good success bloggers! Ha ha've been had. You're the ones writing on Vaginas - not me. Did you ever think that Dr Bader at one time Master Bader was fooled into thinking that the Vatican actually contacted him and said the prankster said it was ok to use Vatican Facilities? This way the Vatican doesn't have a clue?

    Ah I have 11 blogs all listed at the side - i don't hide it.. please - dxv515 is the name I use to post.


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