Poor Timing On The Part Of Terry Nelson Of Abbey Roads: Shames Catholics Who Are Scandalized By Pope Francis Mosque Visit & The Very Next Day Two Muslims Murder 14 In San Bernardino

Pope visits mosque, removes shoes, bows, and prays. OMG!
Catholics are turning on Pope Francis in a big way since he returned from Africa. The venom against the Holy Father is something one might expect from Novus Ordo Watch, or the enemies of religion and the Catholic Church - but it is coming from the so-called 'remnant' of faithful Roman Catholics who miss Pope Benedict and John Paul II and are apparently convinced Pope Francis is trying to overturn everything 'they' set in place. When Pope Francis visited the mosque of Koudoukou, the Christian world reeled - that is, if you believe what some are saying about it. Pope Francis is not the first pope to visit a mosque, remove his shoes, or bow his head in prayer - or seek peace between the two faiths. Abbey Roads Read More>>>>
 2 DECEMBER 2015
ISIS claim responsibility for California massacre - as first picture emerges of burkha-wearing jihadi bride who pledged allegiance to the group before killing 14 with her radicalized American husband 
ISIS has claimed responsibility for the California attack on a social services agency that left 14 people dead. The terror group announced in an online radio broadcast that two ISIS followers had carried out the attack in San Bernardino on Wednesday. ‘Two followers of Islamic State attacked several days ago a center in San Bernardino in California,’ the group’s daily broadcast al-Bayan said. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>
Hey Terry your timing is way off. I was going to post a little something something on 2 December of what you wrote about Popes visit to the Mosque, and what was to follow your insights or lack there of, on the dangers and scandalous behaviour of Pope Francis visiting a Mosque...but...two Muslims interrupted that chain of thought because as you already know two Muslims murdered 14 and wounded 17 in San Bernardino California.

For a man who takes the time to tell others about his spiritual life with many blog posts on Catholic spirituality I would think that you would have the sense enough to know the dangers of playing with fire - if you place yourself in dangerous company, you're bound to destroy your spiritual life - tempting God is gonna be punished.  The dangerous company you place yourself in, is the belittling of the scandalous act of a Pope walking into a Mosque to show Catholics that there in no danger in the religion of Muhammad.

You do realize that all the saints that you post on your blog along with their spirituality, and their spiritual practices, and devotions would have nothing to do with Islam - you do realize this don't you?

How can you have the same mind of the saints in spiritual matters if fail to put in practice the fruit of your meditations?

I know for a fact that if one uses the spiritual writings of the Saints one will never concede an inch to Islam in any matter whatsoever.

So it looks as if your spiritual life is going in the wrong direction. Maybe your too much influenced by the Vatican II nonsense or maybe its the Stripped and Barren New Mass.

So I cal bullshit - any man who uses the spiritual writings of  St Teresa of Avila or her spiritual director Luis de Puente or any other faithful Catholic is certainly not going defend the wicked actions of a Pope entering a Mosque praying to Mecca.

Apparently your a good case study of how dangerous the Stripped and Barren New Mass is to a soul.

The fruits appear on your blog posts.


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