Seems That A Young Man From The FSSP Apostolate In Versailles Was Killed In The Paris Massacre At The Bataclan? Attending The Eagles Of Death Metal?

Just stumbled upon these comments on one of the victims of Paris Muslim terror attack:
DJR •  In your charity, please especially remember the soul of a young man from the FSSP apostolate in Versailles who was killed in the Paris massacre. Also keep his family in your prayers.
Margaret •  What is his name?
DJR • The French person who corresponded with me did not disclose the name. I was just told that it was a youth (male) who was a fellow parishioner.
Margaret  •  Understood.
The comments are from a Remnant Newspaper Article:
American Band in Paris Sings "Kiss the Devil" as Terrorists Attack
Was the young victim mentioned in the above comments attending the very Rock concert that Michael Matt is condemning? and did that young man go to hell because of it?

Or maybe the young man was one of the victims at the cafe (see above) and was the cafe any safer place to be? Do not cafes have popular Music playing non-stop? And did the young man die there  at the cafe while listening to the piped in Rock Music? 

Either way I bet the young man was surrounded by the noise of modern day rock music.

Now, it should be taken for granted that Michael Matt believes that all the souls that died at the hands of the Muslim terrorists in the Bataclan went straight to Hell. That's the whole point of Matt's crusade against modern Rock Music all those who listen to it, are in a state of mortal sin, and if the poor soul dies while listening to said Rock Music, that poor soul goes straight to Hell - it's kinda of like the Chris Ferrara political doctrine that one had to vote for John McCain in order to remain in a state of Grace. Anyone voting for Obama would go straight to hell.

So I have a question for Matt & his ilk on the Rock Music that appears in Movies. Does Michael Matt believe that anyone who dies while watching a movie that has a Rock music soundtrack go to hell upon death?  After all, Rock Music is Rock Music, does it really matter what venue the Rock Music makes its appearance? I mean, why would Rock Music at a live concert, be free from harm, if listened to on an i-pod, or on the Radio? Is Lady Gaga safer to listen to in the privacy in ones home, than to attend one of her concerts? If a soul dies while listening to Lady Gaga, in a live venue, does that person, merit hell? and the one who dies while listening to Gaga safe at home, go to Heaven? I would like to know?

How about this - does one fall from the state of grace, if one hears a tune on the radio, or in a live outdoor concert?  Or how about, one walking down the street, and a car is passing by, with its stereo cranked up - does the soul on the sidewalk fall from a state of grace? Pharisaical Jews like me, would like to know.

And here are some top soundtracks that came along with Movies - did Michael Matt view any of these movies? and listen to the soundtrack? And did Matt fall from a state of grace, while enjoying some of the top movie soundtracks:

1. American Graffiti' (1973)

2. Goodfellas (1990):

3. Pretty in Pink (1986):

4. 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' (2000)

5. 'Saturday Night Fever' (1977)

Not saying Michael Matt would dare watch any of the above flicks - but I bet every last one of you who reads this post did at one time or another. 

So question for you, did you fall from the state of grace while watching the films and listening to the soundtracks? Did the thought even enter into your mind that you will lose your state of grace?

Should you listen to Rock Music?

Should there be censorship of Rock Music and Movies? 

LOL! Ask Matt and he will say yes!!! The jokes on him! 

Don't Test Me, Second Guess Me, Protest Me, You Will Disappear




See your folly Matt?