Situation Awareness: Fr Z Accidentally Shoots Himself While Saying Latin Mass Up On The Altar

About carrying a handgun while saying Mass… I am neutral on that point. It is wrong for a priest or bishop to say Mass with his wallet in his back pocket? Money can be misused, after all. Can he have his smart phone in his pocket? A pocket knife on his key ring? You can do bad things with smart phones or knives or keys. On the other hand, it is a little hard to get at your handgun when you are wearing vestments. So, what difference does it make? Fr. Z Read More>>>>
During what part of the Latin Mass did Fr. Z  shoot himself?

Part 1: Mass of the Catechumens

First Subdivision: Preparation from the Asperges to the Collect

1. Sprinkling of Holy Water (Asperges) [High Mass]
2. Sign of the Cross
3. The Psalm Judica me (Psalm 42)
4. Public Confession (Confiteor)
5. Priest at the Altar
6. The Introit (e.g. verses from a Psalm)
7. The Kyrie Eleison ("Lord Have Mercy")
8. The Gloria ("The Church's greatest hymn of praise")
Second Subdivision: Instruction from the Collect to the Creed

1. The Collect (prayer)
2. The Epistle (e.g. reading from an epistle of St. Paul)
3. The Gradual and Alleluia (e.g. verses from a Psalm)
4. The Gospel (A reading from one of the four Gospels)
5. The Sermon
6. The Nicene Creed
Part 2: Mass of the Faithful

Third Subdivision: Offertory from the Offering to the Preface

1. The Offering of Bread and Wine (Beginning of the Offertory)
2. The Incensing of the Offerings and of the Faithful [High Mass]
3. Washing of the Hands (priest) (Lavabo - Psalm 25:6-12)
4. Prayer to the Most Holy Trinity
5. The Orate Fratres and Secret (silent prayer) with the Amen ratifying the Offertory
Fourth Subdivision: Consecration from the Preface to the Lord's Prayer

1. The Preface to the Canon & Sanctus ("Heavenly Hymn")
2. The Canon or Rule of Consecration (one of the most ancient parts of the Mass)
3. Intercession (Reading of the Diptychs of the Living)
4. Prayers Preparatory to the Consecration
5. The Transubstantiation and Major Elevation
6. Oblation of the Victim [Christ] to God
7. Intercession (Reading of the Diptychs of the Dead)
8. End of the Canon and Minor Elevation, With the Amen Ratifying the Prayers of the Canon
Fifth Subdivision: Communion from the Lord's Prayer to the Ablutions

1. The Lord's Prayer ("Pater Noster") & Libera Nos
2. Breaking of the Host
3. The Agnus Dei ("Lamb of God")
4. Prayers Preparatory to the Communion
5. Receiving of the Body and Blood of our Lord
Sixth Subdivision: Thanksgiving from the Communion to the End

1. Prayers During the Ablutions
2. The Communion Antiphon and Postcommunion
3. The Ite Missa Est and Blessing
4. The Last Gospel (Prologue to St. John's Gospel)
5. Prayers After Mass (led by the priest) [Low Mass] ['Leonine Prayers']

Plenty of opportunities for Fr. Z to accidentally shoot himself!!