Ann Barnhardt About To SNAP! & You Don't Want That!!!

"I think something is wrong with Barnhardt, and after yesterday's post, which Pewsitter highlighted, I also think she is being exploited by conservative Catholics - pretty much because of her extreme vilification of the Pope.

I do not want to link to her but her latest post is absolutely outrageous in the contempt and vitriol hurled against the Pope, as well as her vicious attack against faithful Catholics who support the Holy Father. Her contempt toward the Church and hierarchy is so extreme and harmful, it should not be repeated or disseminated.

Barnhardt's invective is obviously getting worse, her behavior and lifestyle may even indicate serious mental illness. If that is the case, priests and Catholic pundits who support her and promote her online contumelious essays, may be guilty of exacerbating her paranoia and delusion, which could lead to Barnhardt harming herself or another. If these online pundits really care about her, they might consider some sort of intervention to get her the help she needs, as well as to find a more stable environment in which she could live.

Granted - there have been outspoken 'fools for Christ' but I think it may be naive to assume this is the case with Barnhardt. 
At any rate - the publishing of Barnhardt's rants are no longer funny. I may be wrong of course, but her hostile diatribes seem to me to be decidedly anti-clerical, anti-magisterial, if not anti-Catholic and delusional. 
We might be witnessing a blogger coming apart, breaking down, online. It has happened before. 
My apologies for posting this - but please be advised - the Catholic blogosphere is completely unreliable." Terry Nelson