Catholic Hipster Asks: What Would Jesus Wear? Just Making Excuses To Wear Flip Flops To The New Mass!

Family Foot Wear To The Stripped And Barren New Mass
Guess Which One's Dad's

Catholic Hipster asks: What Would Jesus Wear?

Here is his complete answer
I realize I'm probably way in the minority here, but I'd just like to say that I'm not a huge fan of the whole movement to make people who don't dress up for Mass feel bad. 
Even more so than that, I find it totally fine that some people rock flip flops and shorts, and while this may be mostly due to living in California, I think it goes deeper than that... 
Let me start by saying I understand why people should dress up for Mass. 
I get what Mass is, I get why it's special, and I get that it's weird that we feel we must get all dressed up to go to a wedding but don't feel the same obligation to get dressed up for THE wedding. 
I totally and completely get it. 
I also get sick and tired of the casual dress argument going something like, "It's what's in your heart that matters, not what you're wear." 
I understand how that argument misses the point. 
And yet... 
I'm totally cool with people dressing casually for Mass. 
Yes, we're going to see our Almighty Creator, Our God, and Our King. 
But, the crazy thing about it is He is also Our Father, Our Brother, and Our Friend. 
To some extent, we should feel completely comfortable with Him, and be accepted by our community no matter what we wear. 
Let's not beat people up because we have a preference for dressy clothes at Mass. 
It's the Year of Mercy, after all...
What's there to say in reply?  This fool is one reason I refuse to attend the Stripped and Barren New Mass. People like this should be avoided at all costs.