Does Bishop Morlino Of Madison, Wisconsin Know That Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Carries A Gun On Him While Saying Mass? Does Bishop Encourage His Priests To Carry Their Guns When Saying Mass?

Sooner or later Fr Z obsession with guns is gonna catch up with him.

Fr Z  is a typical Lutheran saddled with his family's heretical gun baggage. Many do not know this but when the Lutheran Heretics took over Catholic Church the pistol was all the rage. Many Lutherans brought their pistols with them to the Lutheran service and shot their guns into the church ceiling during the Gloria- now mind you the Lutheran Heretics did not build their churches - no. Those churches that the Lutherans held their services in were once Roman Catholic - the Lutherans just took them over.

So even though Fr. Z converted from Lutheranism - he still carries his heretical ancestors affliction with him every where he goes - his attachment to guns.

Fr. Z already indirectly got one priest killed by convincing a FSSP priest to own and carry a gun. That gun later got a young FSSP killed when a homeless man wrestled the gun from the FSSP Priest and shot and killed him.

Under the guise of protecting you and your family during the Mass the ex-Lutheran has convinced many to carry Guns to mass.

I bet that Fr. Z's Lutheran ancestors (who are burning in the pit of hell) are delighted with glee that one of their family members is making Catholics bring Guns to Mass!!!