Mak Shea Converting To Traditionalism! Quits Blogging & Teams Up With Remnant For Employment! Will Announce Conversion At Upcoming Debate With Chris Ferrara!!!

I guess Mr. Michael Matt strategy of "can't we just all get along" pays off!

Mark Shea quit blogging to pursue other endeavors that will take up  most of his time.

What are those endovars?

Becoming a Traditionalist!

And Matt needs someone to oversee comments on website & has employed Mark Shea.

Not only that but there is a debate

Now its a possibility that Matt is not aware of Mark's conversion and will find out about it at the debate along with everyone else. Or Matt is aware and is playing this for all its worth.

Shea already debated Michael Voris last year - and Shea didn't need to give up blogging to do so. So when Shea calls it quits - its for a very good reason.