New FOOL On The Block: The Catholic Hipster Replaces Fat Man Mark Shea!

This is getting ridiculous.  I guess there is a new fool on the block that has replaced fat man Mark Shea. Maybe Shea got a whiff of the hipster Catholics and decided to call it quits? 

Any way I guess I got new material to post on this blog.

I really don't remember what the new mass goers called themselves back in the 90's to appear cool. I do remember PHAT Mass set up by Opus Dei morons who wanted to appear hip in early 2000. Fools didn't understand what PHAT meant - or if they did, that just shows you foolish new mass goers truly are when they try to appeal to the world.

That's what this guy is doing - trying to please the world so that the world likes him and he gets attention.

His blog here

So I will mock this fool as he deserves

Is This A Hipster?