Will Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Still Post Food Porn During Famine?

A great famine will come. Before the famine comes, children under the age of seven will begin to tremble and will die in the arms of those who hold them. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)
Is it really appropriate for a Priest to post food Porn?

What? A Priest like Fr. Z. is immune from committing sin of Gluttony in this day and age of excess? Not to mention the fact that scandal may be given by a priest posting pics of delicate dishes that took a very long  time to prepare making it look like as long as the dish took awhile to prepare and its beautiful to behold there is no Gluttony!!

Here I'm sure its lost on the priest:
Be not greedy in any feasting, and pour not out thyself upon any meat: For in many meats there will be sickness, and greediness will turn to choler. By surfeiting many have perished: but he that is temperate, shall prolong life. Ecclesiasticus
Oh and here:
Health update
Posted on 11 January 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf 
Thanks for the emails and promises of prayers. 
I was at the doctor today. I’ve had a couple complications. 
Coughing produces … colorful results. Right now I not feeling horrid, but we are watching for pneumonia. 
Meanwhile, while I am fatigued, I still have an appetite. I don’t have painful coughing spells. 
I don’t, Deo gratias, have accompanying ear infections as I have had in the past when I’ve gotten bugs. 
I’ve got some provisions and some work. So, I’m okay for now. I’ll check with the doctor again in a couple days. 
May I count on your prayers? 
Thanks in advance.
The irony........