News Clippers At Pewsitter Show Their True Colors: Nationalist Russophiles & Admirers Of Putin......Do Volunteers Post Links To Their Own Sites On Pewsitter? LOL!!!

Hey did you know that Pewsitter does not pay its 'employees' for the news links that are posted by them on the page? Pewsitter is a voluntary work.

Its not like one guy does all the work.

That explains a couple of things.

Most volunteers are traditionalists who attend the Latin Mass and these trad volunteers bring their own prejudices onto the site by posting links to nationalist or pro Russia articles or pro Putin articles or pro democracy articles or pro conservative protestant political candidate articles etc...

And one has to wonder if the volunteers that post to Pewsitter own their own blogs and if these volunteers post links to their own blogs? I bet that's the case. 

You see the same blogs linked over and over again. Did some neutral party repeatedly post links to the same blogs over and over again? Or is there some cabal of trad bloggers?

If one just reads Pewsitter then one has to come to the conclusion that there are only a hand full of worthy trad blogs out there.

There is a cabal of trad bloggers who have the same world view and these trad bloggers don't want to have their views disturbed. Can you image if only Sedevacantists posted to Pewsitter - it would be nothing but SSPX bashing etc. but with Pewsitter is kinda of hard to nail down the exact influence so many will read Pewsitter thinking that there is no hidden agenda.

But these trads carry the same nonsense with them at Pewsitter that they've been carrying for the last twenty years or so. And the nonsense is 

Pro-Protestant Political Candidates
Pro-herd mentality 

A week ago Pewsitter posted a link about Britain First who is on a crusade against the Muslims that are invading England. The only problem is that Britain First is PROTESTANT!! Pewsitter could care less. Pewsitter along with the majority of trad laymen believe that its OK to engage in Political ecumenism with heretics that have same political views.

And just recently this was posted 

Muslim Rape Mobs: Russia Isn't Germany ... more

but is was nothing. It is not even a legit news story. But the point of posting this is to show trads that the Russians know how to handle things and the West doesn't. And that Russia should be respected and Russia will save us etc.

Same old crap that Rorate-Caeli & Remnant Newspaper tried to pull with Putin worship before Putin shot down that plane over the Ukraine killing close to 300.

It is sickening to see trads worship Putin as if Putin is a saviour.

These same trads also worship Nationalism as if Nationalism is gonna save us.

Thing that pisses me off is that these trads will never admit that they were wrong on Putin - they just look for other reasons to love Putin.

Damn idiots!

Another thing that you probably noticed that these morons don't get - all these trad bloggers are LAYMEN! 

But for some reason the majority of their posts are on priestly matters. Remember the Synod?

Pewsitter focused so much on the Synod that Pewsitter failed to report on the MUSLIM invasion of Europe that was happening at the same time as the Synod coverage was taking place.

Damn Idiots!

The Synod has no effect on those who already hold fast to the faith. No one was raped because of the Synod, no one was murdered because of the Synod - but thousands of western women were raped by the Muslim horde that invaded Europe.

The Muslim invasion should have been the focus of the LAYMEN, not the Synod!


Damn Idiots.

So I have no respect for Pewsitter - it will keep on the same boring and confused course and will change nothing, these damn demented idiots will end up supporting Rubio or some other moron for President and pretend that they are fulfilling their Civic duty - when in fact they are impeding the restoration of all things in Christ.

Again these trads are blinded by their love of the Ballot Box, and as a punishment, most of them will end up following the forerunner to the Antichrist...soon.


  1. Some think Putin is the Great Catholic Monarch! They keep glossing over the whole KGB/schismatic Orthodox/boy-belly-kissing thing thing though. If it ain't Putin, it's Trump because we always need to pick from the preselected trough of miscreants!


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